Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The prettiest way to travel - a renovation on a motor home.

I first came across Pauline's gorgeous photos of her travels on Instagram. 

Then I noticed they were doing their trip in the prettiest motor home. I was amazed to see how cosy and stylish she managed to make such a small space. She recently wrote a blog post on how they renovated this motor home in a week. You can read all of the details here

Below I've included photos of their gorgeous space. What a great way to travel!

I have noticed so many families lately packing up their lives and setting out for a year of travel. Either in a caravan around Australia or even further with a world trip.

It's such a huge step! Is it something you can see yourself doing?

All photos courtesy of paulinemorrisey.com

Saturday, November 11, 2017

An afternoon snack - chocolate bark

 I made this Chocolate Bark the other day when everyone was craving something sweet.
I had some milk chocolate melts in the cupboard and a packet of trail mix so I decided to combine the two. It would be even better with dark chocolate but the kids are not fans!

I can't wait to make it again with other toppings like raspberries, coconut etc. Anything goes!

Not to mention Christmas is coming up and it becomes all about the Peppermint Bark from William Sonoma. Have you tried it?

What's your favourite version of Chocolate Bark?

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Summer Wardrobe Additions

Every summer it's nice to take stock of your wardrobe and give it a little refresh. It feels good to replace the tired, worn items and add a few new items and colours to give your wardrobe a lift.

Below are a few things that have caught my eye for summer.......

I've also included some summer looks I'm loving!

Marcia from @notsomumsy always gets it right

I love Hayley's boho style! @gypsytigerlily

I always love @Spell_byronbay and everything they do!

What are you adding to your wardrobe this summer?

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